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Year End Review & Setting the Course for Next Year

Updated: May 11, 2023

The end of the year is a reflective time for many – it's a reminder that time is moving forward with an opportunity to change course. This is an opportunity to be more conscious about what I’m creating in my life.

I have been through this cycle for many moons and find the reflection is paramount to feeling accomplishment and closure, with insights for goalsetting for the coming new year. Many years I have looked back and been truly amazed by what was accomplished, the obstacles that were overcame, the FUN and memories of happenings with the kids, and also what was lost and what was gained. Embracing the highlights (and sometimes low lights) brings a sense of satisfaction – that I made it through another year and everything worked out. I have found it fascinating that some years the greatest challenge was something completely unexpected, and all my planning could have never predicted what transpired that year. Never in all my year end reviews have I found that “everything worked according to my plan.” It did, however, work according to the plan that the Universe knew I needed for my soul’s growth.

Here’s a few of the questions I like to ask myself at year’s end:

Rear View Mirror:

  • What did I accomplish?

  • What were my biggest victories? Make sure to celebrate these!

  • What did I want to accomplish that I did not achieve? (Do I still want to do this?)

  • What challenges occurred and how did I rise above them?

  • What were my biggest disappointments?

  • What did I learn? - List at least 3 lessons learned

  • Where is life out of balance? If you could put one problem behind you, once and for all, what would it be?

Windshield View:

  • What do I want to accomplish and who do I want to BE in the coming year?

  • What is most important? Ensure to set goals for the highest priorities. (Note: the Life Wheel tool is helpful for looking at this)

  • Define your goals: “Top 3” things you want to focus upon in the coming year.

  • Break down a few action step milestones for each of your goals and assign timing and get to it

Here's an example:

Goal: Reduce the amount of extra stuff in my house – downsize 50% by end of the year

  • Empty the attic, clear out 50% of items, reorganize, bin and label by March

  • Empty all storage from the basement by May

  • Empty 75% of storage items from the garage by July

I hope you take the time to reflect on the past year to celebrate the good things and acknowledge that you made it through the crazy adventure. Whether you accomplished your goals or missed them by a mile - take the lessons learned and chart your new course. May your learnings fuel the fire for great goals in the future.

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