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Shamanic Healing

A Shamanic energy healing session can be a powerful and deep level of healing work. It can help you to release long-standing issues and move forward on your path in life.  Your session may involve any of the following techniques:


Illumination Process

This is a powerful healing technique developed by Dr. Alberto Villoldo based on his training with shamans from South America. It is drawn from the knowledge that we have a luminous energy field (LEF) that surrounds our physical body. Our luminous body carries with it imprints--like etchings or cuts-- from trauma throughout our lives. These imprints draw into our life the same type of events, illness, or people over and over again until we heal it. The Illumination Process helps to clear those imprints to bring about greater clarity and healing. It erases these imprints from the energy field and overwrites them with light, so they do not keep organizing our physical or psychological reality for us.  


Power Animal Retrieval

During your session Jackie may journey to ascertain if spirit has gifts or a power animal retrieval for you.  This quantum of energy that returns in a journey can assist you in your soul's journey and can aid in self-empowerment.


Extraction & Chakra Cleansing

When we hold heavy energies for a long time they will settle into our luminous energy field as denser forms. These energies may be intrusive energies such as envy, anger and guilt that can be sent from others or are self-inflicted. These energies may be from past wounds, past lives or present trauma. We will also cut ties that bind you to others to free up the pulls on our energy body from others. Shamanic energy healing which includes Chakra cleansing and re-balancing will be done so your body can regain its innate ability to heal itself. 


Ancestral Imprints & Past-life Clearing

There are times when our families stories and trauma live on through their descendants.  This can be in the form of addictions, diseases passed on, or things such a poverty consciousness.  A shaman will track in non-ordinary reality to heal these past traumas through the familial lineage. 


The same can be true of past life wounds that follow us into our present incarnation.  Unexplained phobias and fears can stem from unhealed wounds in another lifetime.  Healing the past, can free us to live a life unencumbered by past traumas. Energy healing moves beyond time and space as we view it in our consensual reality.

Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is necessary when a person has experienced what is called soul loss; when an individual loses a part of his or her spiritual energy. The causes of soul loss are many, with most people experiencing some degree of soul loss in their lifetime or past incarnations. Soul loss is often associated with physical or sexual abuse, trauma, death of a loved one or severe or chronic illness. Repressed or forgotten gaps in memory could also be an effect of soul loss.


A Shamanic practitioner can assist a person with soul loss by journeying on their behalf to uncover how and when the separation occurred and to return the missing soul part, like a  quantum of energy, to the person. The gifts of Soul Retrieval are increased personal power, clarity of purpose and life direction, healing of physical injury and illness and a shift to a positive state of consciousness.

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