About Jackie
Personal Coach

I am an engineer by training, with a BS and MS from the Milwaukee School of Engineering. I discovered my love of writing while composing my Master’s thesis, and took up writing in my spare time while climbing the corporate ladder. I worked long hours in the corporate machine and loved every minute of it - the challenges, learning leadership skills, competing for promotions, managing people, fostering my employee's development, and pushing myself to learn and do more for the company and my staff. As one of only a handful of certified Six Sigma Master Black Belts, I had the opportunity to coach and mentor more than 50 candidates, many of them emerging leaders. When I moved into Manager and Director roles I led with my innate coaching leadership style. I appreciated my staff, I wanted them to
succeed, and I wanted us to succeed together as a team. My strength in strategy development, goal setting, action planning and execution delivered great results that helped me rise to a level in the organization that I had dreamed of decades earlier. I made it.



But now what? I could have stayed there until retirement, but I needed something more. I had always wanted to be a writer, spinning tall tales, sharing new ideas, and contributing to society in my own way. I went into engineering and leadership because it was a “sure thing” but after a 27-year career I was being called to do my own thing. Beyond Limits United is my new life chapter. My adventure novel is in the editing stage and will be published in 2021. I am excited to share my creativity and leadership experience from the school of hard knocks with 1:1 coaching, group learning, and workshops. My love of lifelong learning and problem-solving shine through in some of my geekdom - DIY tools, spreadsheets, and links to resources because if they worked for me they can work for you.