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Keep Your Vibe High with 2 Simple Steps Each Day

Updated: May 11, 2023

How do you keep your vibration high and clear when it seems you are bombarded with negativity?

Humans are energetic beings - and we each emit those energies as we are walking about and living our lives. I think of it like a radio frequency, you can't see it in the atmosphere but its there - invisibly vibrating and available to be picked up if you have a way (radio device) to tune into it. We each emit our own frequency, but we can also sense the frequencies of others around us. For example: You see the boss walk by and you know now is not the best time to ask them questions about the project. Of course non-verbal indicators can tip you off to person's state, but it is the energy you are sensing that makes you decide to send an email instead.

As an empath, I have often picked up on other people's energies and found myself feeling weighed down or yucky for no apparent reason. On my spiritual journey, I learned that it is necessary to stop and check in to discover where the source of the feeling is coming from. Sometimes it is an "inside job" - where a past memory or expectation from social programming brings ire from deep within that you need to examine. Some examples are: I hate this, they are wrong, heartbreak from missing a loved one who died, who do they think they are, it's not fair, I am stupid, I'll never be good enough, how come they can get away with this shit? The underlying story of your past can play a familiar and destructive tune, so notice where the bad vibes are coming from. If it's you, stop that shit from playing in your head and cleanse your vibration, STAT!

Other times, the "out of nowhere" weird feeling is coming from someplace outside of you or someone else's vibe. It's possible someone next to you is having a pity party and your proximity to them you are sensing their stuff. If there is multiple people together, you can be picking up on a combination of their energies, like a mash-up of other people's vibrations. Places can also hold bad vibes - was there people arguing in the conference room before you got there? You might feel the tension when you walk into the room. The good news is - there are ways to clear yourself of negative energies and protect yourself from outside energetic influences.

There is also such a thing called an "energy vampire" which is a person who thrives off other people's energy. I recently watched some episodes of the show "What We Do In the Shadows" and loved how they depicted the energy vampire character Colin Robinson. He is a dorky guy who works in a cubicle office and thrives off of being boring and frustrating everyone. He annoys the blood-sucking vampires and they try to avoid him. (BTW, hilarious show if you are into mockumentaries and vampires!) In real life, energy vampires are among us - some are consciously drawing down your energy but most are unconsciously doing it. They might "feel better when you are around" such as elderly or those that require extra care. They also might be people that are surrounded by drama, shun responsibility, bully or "one-up" you - the frenemy type. You know they drain your energy because of how you feel after spending time with them. What is a person to do?

Cleanse and Protect Your Energy

There's a few simple things you can do every day to step-up your energy, some call it spiritual hygiene. All of us are affected by the energy around us whether we realize it or not. I used to be so exhausted from my corporate job - with so many people, expectations, emotions, and politics happening I stayed on top of it all but was tired to my bones. When I went for Reiki certification I learned that I need to clean and protect my energy every day. It turns out that my exhaustion was partly due to picking up other peoples' vibes and emotions which then intermingled with mine. Who knew? When I started practicing energetic cleansing and protection skills it made a world of difference in my energy levels, helped me stay focused, and drastically reduced the time spent with energy vampires. I felt better and happier about my job because I felt more in control.

It might seem a little "woo woo" but I need to tell you, THIS SHIT WORKS!!! Try it for a week and see how things shift for you. In just a few minutes each morning, you can build these into your routine as you are getting ready for your day. It's a two-step process that is a powerful visualization exercise that you can "habit stack" onto another daily ritual so that it becomes a natural part of your day like brushing your teeth.

STEP 1: Cleanse your energy

Surround yourself in white light and imagine Divine light showering over you and washing away any negativity, stress, or worry. Ask Archangel Michael to cut any cords between you and any other entities and imagine Michael’s sword swiping in front of your body cutting the cords away. (Note: if you aren't into Archangels, ask your favorite deity, Ascended Master, or Spirit Guide to cut the cords) See the cords being severed and feel any attachments falling away from you. Continue with the Divine light shining down as you are clear and ready for step two.

STEP 2: Energize and protect your energy

I have a well-worn old paperback copy of “The Practical Guide to Psychic Self-Defense and Well-Being” by Denning & Phillips that gave me the greatest energy protection tool ever. It's called the “Tower of Light.” Breathe slowly, deeply, and evenly. Relax your whole body while you are in a standing posture. Visualize being encapsulated in an intense bright blue light all around your body. Then envision a white burning globe of light just above your head. This globe is the Light of your Higher Self – think of the highest good you are capable of conceiving. See the dazzling white globe sprinkling down white light with silver iridescent energy that permeates you. You are energized and aware of yourself blissful and alert standing in the Power of the Divine. It is going to be a GREAT day! Hold yourself in the vision of your blue aura filled with vibrant white light for several minutes. Know that all day long the protective shield of blue and white are actively working for your highest good.

I made a 1-page cheat sheet here with illustrations and other spiritual hygiene tips. There's nothing to lose - try these steps today!

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