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Beyond Limits

Humans were not meant to just exist.

It is in our nature to want more, reach farther, dream of a better tomorrow. To make progress, learn and grow, be stronger, healthier, and be the best we can be. We can lose this drive through difficult life circumstances, reduced to a still soft voice “I could have, should have, but I don’t deserve it, good fortune is not destined for me.” I am here to help overcome those limiting beliefs and help you unleash your highest potential.


Meet Jackie Breezer

I am excited to share my creativity and leadership experience from the school of hard knocks with 1:1 coaching, group learning, and workshops. My love of lifelong learning and problem-solving shine through in some of my geekdom - DIY tools, spreadsheets, and links to resources because if they worked for me they can work for you.


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Our purpose is to support others that are looking to enrich their lives (career progression or transition, Find their purpose, Stop procrastinating, Get motivated, Increase self-confidence, Overcome limiting beliefs, Increase self-esteem, and achieve personal goals).

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