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It's NEVER too Late to Change

Humans were not meant to just EXIST!

It is in our nature to want more, reach farther, dream of a better tomorrow. To make progress, learn and grow, be stronger, healthier, and be the best we can be. We can lose this drive through difficult life circumstances, reduced to a still soft voice “I could have, should have..."


What if you could:

  • get crystal clear on your purpose

  • overcome those limiting beliefs 

  • have the courage to GO FOR IT

  • reach your highest potential

We can help you get there!


Meet Jackie Breezer

My life's journey has brought me here - doing what I love to do - COACHING!!!  But its more than that because I get to help people change their lives in the direction of their dreams. I am a Master Certified Life Coach with a background in Lean Six Sigma, continuous improvement, and information technology.  I changed my entire life because of one decision - I decided to do "whatever it takes" to find my True Self. My mission now is to change lives, make an impact, be of service, and live my truth.


Do you hear that little voice "there must be MORE!" - if so, are you ready to take the journey of a lifetime?

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Our Mission is simple: Help You Escape the Comfort Zone, Raise Your Vibration, and Level Up the Abundance in Your Life’s Next Chapter. Do you have that feeling that something is missing, there must be MORE to life than this?


We help you reconnect with your True Self and switch off autopilot to switch on overdrive. Ready to jump in?

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